A downloadable game for Windows

The forest is a simple interactive experience research project. There are three identical levels using different visual language to guide the player to the end.

NOTE*: The test WILL save a PNG and text file to your local disk drive. Please do not delete these until they have been submitted into the survey! Thankyou.

Your task is to simply reach the end as quickly as possible.

Please download only 1 build.

Evidence of testing would also be appreciated and asked for in the survey. This can include a youtube video of you playing the level or even a screenshot. However, this is not mandatory.

Once completed, please take this questionnaire (unless you already know your Bartle Player type):


Once you have completed the questionnaire, please follow the link to this survey:


Install instructions

-Download the file

-Extract the data from the zip file

-Click the exe. file

IF windows stops you from opening:

- click "Read More"

- click "Run Anyway"


L1.zip 725 MB
P1.zip 706 MB
T1.zip 708 MB