WASD - Movement    

1 - Pistol       

2 - Shotgun            

R- Reload

Made originally in a 2 hour game jam in a team of 3. Been improved since, yet not polished.

Keep moving to make it fun! (NavMesh not used :))


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This was pretty fun! As @agget said below I definitely would be helpful to have a pop up or something to explain the controls a little better.

One thing that I would like to see is for the art to be a bit brighter especially the walls. At first I couldn't figure why the monsters weren't able to get to me until I realized that it was a wall in there way.

The character controller feels really nice though! It was nice and snappy and felt very responsive to input!

Keep up the good work!

Hey there! Thanks for playing the game nonetheless! We will work on an in game pop up or tutorial for the navigation and controls. The path finding will probably be an ongoing issue as unity only allows a navmesh in 3D mode unless you make the game on a certain axis and changing our axis would take more time than would be worth doing for this particular game but we now know for the future! If we find another way for better path finding we will be sure to include! 

maybe make it more obvious that you can switch guns and reload. i didn't read the description until after i spent ages looking around for ammo on the ground. also, can you keep your gun from last try, and can the enemies have better path-finding.