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My first attempt at an FPS. An endless series of waves of 3/4 different enemy types. The game is inspired by Call of Duty zombies with the possibility to upgrade your weapon, use a teleporter but also has unique mechanics such as a handblast, dashing and a special ability to wipe out a large amount of enemies at once. I challenged myself to make the game under 4 weeks from scratch so the tutorial is a bit rough and there may be some bugs, however, I had fun creating this game and hope you guys enjoy playing it :)

The following sounds were used for my project through ZapSplat:

- Designed punch 1
- Designed punch 2
- Designed punch 3
-Heavy single body punch 1
- Heavy single body punch 3
-Alien clicking vocalisation 1
-Alien clicking vocalisation 2
-Alien clicking vocalisation 3
-Science fiction reload
-Shotgun reload
- Alien vocalisation1
-Alien vocalisation2
-alien vocalisation3
-Alien vocalisation4
-AlienScream 1

All other sounds were free to use and were found through FreeSound and OpenGameArt.

For those that want to jump right in:

WASD - Move

SPACE - Jump

TAB - Pause



E - Handblast

C - Special ability Requires Full Power (100)

F - Dash


Install instructions

You will need to DOWNLOAD, then UNZIP the project and click the EXECUTABLE/APPLICATION to play. Windows may try to stop you playing it with a pop-up. Pressing view more info and then run anyway will allow you to continue.


14-10-20.zip 347 MB

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